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Review: Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake November 2, 2012

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This is the second of my first samplings of VaPer blends since getting back into pipe tobacco . Other than the fact that the coins look cool, the little Cavendish disc in the middle of each slice added to my curiosity about this blend.

Out of the bag,  the slices immediately reminded me of “frosted mini-wheats” cereal. I love this type of heady aroma (as well as frosted mini wheats),  so i was pretty excited to try it.

The coins seemed to be at the right moisture level out of the bag. For my first bowl I stuffed a coin and a half into the bowl,  following a method I saw on YouTube where you gather up the edges of the coin, leaving the Cavendish disc at the bottom and fluffing the top edges. I had one Cav disc near the bottom, and one in the middle.

Two char lights brought a nice grassy-sweet, tea like flavor,  much like Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake, but just a tiny bit more grassy.  Very pleasant.

After I got the bowl going I was treated to the same slight raw-almondy-hint of spice note that was present in the LNF… So pleasant, with creamy smoke. This is what I imagine would be a smoke I’d have during a snow day… Feet in slippers,  cozy on a couch with a cup of tea.  “Luxurious”  indeed is a good word.

Then a different sweetness slowly crept in.  “Ah!  The Cav is starting to smolder”,  I thought to myself.  Then a minute later, “Bam!”  the sweetness of the Cav came in. Fantastic!

As the Cav lingered, an almost vanilla or brown sugar note mixed with the Virginias and Perique. I cant quite describe the flavor, because” vanilla” doesnt quite describe it, but it sure was nice! The flavor leveled off after a bit.

I let the bowl go out because of an errand I had to run, then got back to it after a couple hours. After an initial ashy flavor on the relight, it seemed as if the flavor deepened…. A bit more nutty, with a bit more of a delicious bowl aroma. Then I hit the 2nd Cav disc. Wow… All I can say is “Wow”. Fantastic!

All in all, the whole bowl smoked smooth and cool, with only the need of a pipe cleaner swab twice and two relights (not counting the light after my errand) . I enjoyed it a lot.

A few days later, I had another bowl in the same pipe, this time rubbing out the coins completely, breaking two cav discs in half and hiding 3 throughout the bowl with the last one broken up on top. This bowl was amazing, with a nice naturally sweet flavor throughout. It burned quite a bit better than the cone stuff method.

With two Stokkebye VaPer blends as my introduction to VaPers, I must say both blends are excellent. I can’t decide which of these two Stokkebye blends I like more. I like them both! :) Recommended? Definitely!


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